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Our Process Of Building Local Citation

With our local citation service, you will provide us with complete information about your business and we do the work for you.

From a huge database of national, local and niche citation sites, all you need to do is to provide us with a complete and comprehensive information about your business. Our job is to deliver an accurate, complete set of local citations.

Check Supplied Data

We double check the accuracy of the data you submit to us. If we discover any irregularities between the data you provided and what’s on-line, we’ll contact you to deal with it.

Create A Local Citations List

After we identify your existing listing, we will list your business on the citation sites that are most relevant to your business. This would be done in order of citation site’s authority.


We will send you a detailed report of the completed job with a list of URLs to all the listings we created. The report would show the status of each listing (approved, pending or already existed).

Check For Existing Listings

We will use our Local Citation Finder tool to identify your existing citations. In the process of building your citation, we will check each site to avoid duplicate listings and look for any inconsistencies.

Build Citation

We will manually list your business on citation sources by making sure we include as much information as possible. Your business will rank better locally with complete and comprehensive citations.

The Benefits Of Local Citation For Your Business

Improve Your Local Ranking

Online directories are of great benefit to small businesses because your business will be locally visible to your community.

Help to Get Found More

By adding complete information about your business on your local listing, your chances of been found by potential customers is very high even if they don’t search for your business.

Cost Effective

Compared to other advertising sources, having your business listed to online business directories would save you a lot of money because it’s only a one-off payment.

Strengthen SEO

Google and other search engines trust businesses with complete and accurate details about their business. When the information you provide about your business is the same as the information you have on your website and on your google my business listing, your chances are high to rank higher in search engines.

Improve Your Business Repute

Users would be able to give honest reviews about their local businesses. This helps local business owners to improve their online reputation and deliver the best possible services and experience for their customers.

Manual Submission For As Little As £5 Per Site

(£50 Minimum Order)

Let’s Get Started

Ready To Work On Your Business Reputation? Let’s Work On Your Local Citation Together!

Location Details

Enter the Location business name, phone number, zip / postal code or city/town and we’ll pull data from Google Places API to populate Location details. We need this data to monitor your Location’s local search performance.

By clicking fetch location, you are giving us the permission to use the provided business details for local citation purpose only.

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